Kaled Management Corp — Professional Property Management

Kaled Management, Corp. — a subsidiary of The Kalikow Group — provides full-service property management services.

Whether your property is a garden apartment, a mid-rise or a high-rise, Kaled Management make sure that your property is run in the most cost-effective and successful manner.

Our Property Management Services include:

  • 24 Hour Access: Your Account Executive and Director of Operations are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to respond to any problems or issues that arise related to your property.
  • Management of Staff: Hiring and scheduling of building, staff, as well as follow-up monitoring and performance analysis.
  • Property Personnel and Contract Supervision
  • Complete Financial Reporting
  • Fiscal Planning and Monitoring
  • Cost and Quality Control
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fuel Delivery Monitoring
  • Bulk Purchasing
  • Clearing of Violations
  • CBI – Certified Building Inspector
  • Account Executives with Full Back-Office Support

Additional Services include:

  • Mortgage Consulting
  • Insurance Placement
  • J-51 Application (NYC only)
  • Tax Certiorari and Abatements

Brokerage Services offered by Kaled Management include:

  • Full Service for Purchasing/Sale of Residential Units
  • Listing and Advertising
  • Pre-Qualification Arrangements
  • Transfer Agent

For more information about the Property Management Services listed above, you can visit the web site of Kaled Management at www.kaled.com or call either peter@kaled.com (Director of Operations) or paul@kaled.com (Chief Financial Officer) at 516 876 4800.